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“To everything there is a season…”

Today I find I have the day to myself. I’ve gotten chores fairly under control…but my list of things to do is still there . Let’s see…writing a blog,taking a look at the non fictional book I am writing to access any holes in the written story especially concerning continuity,a photo shoot of my children’s book illustrations as well as putting that on a flash drive.There is also finishing the ornaments and cards for grand children ,children, family and friends. In addition to all that I have an idea I would like to work on in my Christmas illustration series as the first two have good homes. Whew! It sure can seem overwhelming when that “to do list” is growing. Also somewhere in this time I need to access what Christmas / seasonal work I can bring to our local ArtGallery/ gift shop while I swap out some works there that are already on Display. These things are supposed to be fun…right?! Ok . Today I am choosing to get creative with the handmade cork ornaments I am working on. Also the cards need to be finished and addressed. I intend to listen to old classic Christmas songs while doing this. Maybe add a hot cup of cocoa in there somewhere for a break. The Christmas tree is lit….its time for some fun with art .If you aren’t enjoying it start thinking what do I enjoy about this time of year? Is it hands on creating? Is it those smiles and the excitement on someone’s face? Is it giving back to the community in some way? Maybe give a random retail worker a small gift? What about thinking of someone who may be lonely ? Could a card or a small surprise package arriving in the mail encourage them? A phone call…a text …bringing them a hot home-cooked meal? Brainstorm some ideas regarding far away loved ones or the neighbors that surround you. That little girl who lives across the street? That child you just heard is in chemo for his luechemia. Interlinking your creativity/Artwork with your community can go a long way to enhancing people’s lives. And it never hurts your reputation as an artist to be seen and heard from. You can be that blessing this year,this season.

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